About Teconer Oy

Teconer Ltd was founded in 1986. During the history of the company we have participated in the development of many special products. They include e.g. a Cyrillic text editor, solar panel powered medical sterilization system and an industrial method to manufacture pipes and tanks of glass fiber reinforced polyester resin doped with mineral additives to reduce cost.

Today we are a company specializing in sophisticated optical measurement systems for professional use. Our personnel has a strong know how in measurement systems, especially in measuring road weather conditions, in developing road surface sensors, and in understanding formation of slippery conditions through icing of water and anti-icing solutions.

If you would like to have additional information, give us a ring or send us an e-mail or a message using the form in the contact page. We will be happy to serve you.

Consulting and Research

  • Quality control of winter maintenance in roads and runways
  • Optimized usage of anti-icing chemicals
  • Weather alerts on roads and runways
  • Anti-icing systems
  • Thermal mapping of highways

Our research includes a thorough investigation about freezing of salty or anti-iced solutions on road and runway surfaces. One of the main results reveals that surprisingly low concentrations of anti-icing chemical help to keep friction at fairly high level thus preventing the surface from becoming slippery. This information is readily applicable to optimizing usage of anti-icing chemicals in preventing slippery surface conditions.