Moisture in materials

Concrete strength depends markedly on water to cement ratio in the mixing process. When producing concrete the moisture content of aggregates must be known to fractions of per cent to minimise variability in concrete quality and to enable optimal usage of cement. Careful proportioning and mixing of the ingredients are crucial to producing a strong, durable concrete. Our main product in the segment of Moisture in materials is optical moisture sensor WCM411.

Water Content Monitor WCM411

Water content monitor WCM411 is an outstanding optical moisture sensor designed for detecting moisture content of concrete aggregates. The sensor embeds a micro-processor and uses LED’s as light sources. It provides a 4…20mA current loop output for process automation systems and an RS232 serial interface for maintenance and monitoring.

Moisture content is determined as percentage of water by weight of dry aggregate. The sensor is most optimal when used above conveyors or silo feeders to detect moisture content in moving samples.

WCM411 sensor highlights

  • Non-contacting remote measurement
  • Stable performance
  • Long life-time
WCM411 sensor
Screenshots of VipuNET software that is provided with the WCM411