Winter maintenance of roads and runways


    1. Savings in salting operations through optimization
    2. Increased safety
    3. Decreased environmental impact

    "We have utilized the friction measurement products of Teconer to achieve the best results in operations."
    "I highly appreciate your professional and good service."
    "We believe that this type of technology is very useful to support monitoring of the driving conditions on the road network."
    "I must say I am impressed by the update frequency, the track is practically in real-time!"

The measurement system helps you and your customers in the planning and quality control of winter maintenance activities on the roads and at the airports.

Our main product in the segment of winter maintenance is a mobile road weather sensor, called Road Condition Monitor RCM411, and an associated data acquisition and displaying system. The performance of RCM411 has been verified in several published third party tests and comparisons. Another product is braking Friction Meter µTEC, which is an Android phone application. Data acquisition is integrated in a single application, which records GPS information and communicates all the collected data to a server for displaying it in Mobile Road Condition Map™.

Mobile road condition monitoring with Road Condition Monitor RCM411™

RCM411 is an optical sensor based on spectral analysis. The firmware of the sensor measures the optical reflection signals and analyses the data to produce a road surface condition and friction report.

RCM411 reports the following road surface information:

  • surface condition
  • coefficient of friction
  • water layer thickness
  • surface temperature with optional Surface Temperature Sensor RTS411

RCM411 sensor highlights:

  • easy and fast installation in any vehicle, easily transferable
  • low purchasing cost and economic life cycle costs of the total measurement system
  • the system is almost maintenance free: only cleaning of lenses may be needed from time to time
  • automatic software updates and remote control of parameters

Temperature Sensors

Surface temperature sensor RTS411/RTS411SA and Surface temperature and dew point sensor RTD411SA can be used as stand-alone units or as an integrated part of the Road condition monitorin system. The standalone versions include sensor heads and an enclosure with Bluetooth unit. A mobile device is used for user interface in the vehicle and for data transmission to selected servers. Mounting is easy on the metallic parts of the vehicle by using a magnetic fixture.

Friction Meter µTEC™

µTEC is an Android smartphone application, which is based on measurement of acceleration while braking a car so that the tires start to slip. µTEC has been certified for Quality Control measurements by the Finnish Transport Agency. µTEC was used as a reference when RCM411 was developed.

µTEC application was developed in collaboration with Iriba Oy.

µTEC™ features:
  • coefficient of friction
  • vehicle speed and direction (phone GPS)
  • vehicle location (phone GPS)

Browse new data measured by RCM411 on

Mobile Road Condition Map™

Latest RCM411™ data on map.
The map also shows fresh data of some
road weather stations.