Teconer develops, produces and markets environmental sensor technologies and industrial process measurements. We have over 30 years of experience in sophisticated sensor and optical measurement technology.

Our businesses

  • A) ROADS AND AIRPORTS: we improve winter driving conditions by providing road and runway management organizations the best mobile friction measurement systems on the market.
  • B) CONCRETE INDUSTRY: we improve the quality and homogeneity of concrete by providing accurate surface moisture measurement systems for stone aggregates and process materials
  • C) SERVICES: Consulting and research; training and modelling of road weather with focus on optimizing the usage of de-icing agents to keep an acceptable level of friction and consulting in measurements of moisture.

News Headlines:

  • Over 3.5 million kilometers of scanned highways and publicly reported data by Road Condition Monitor RCM411. Record amount of scanning was 330 000 km in November 2017.
  • Mobile Road Condition map for review of prevailing road weather conditions available via the link roadweather.online.
  • A new article about moisture measurements in Bétons le Magazine 69 Cahier CBPC Mesures de l’humidité avec des capteurs optiques. - Teconer Optical Moisture Measurements.
  • Teconer will participate in the following Congresses & Trade Shows in 2018 to showcase the road and runway condition monitoring systems:
    • Winter Road Congress, Lahti, Finland 7.-8.2.2018
    • PIARC International Winter Road Congress, Gdansk, Poland 20.-23.2.2018
    • 2018 NEC/AAAE International Aviation Snow Symposium, Buffalo, NY, USA 14.-18.4.2018
    • 2018 APWA North America Snow & Ice Conference, Indianapolis, IN, USA 6.-9.5.2018
    • SIRWEC International Road Weather Conference, Smolenitse, Slovakia 30.5.-1.6.2018
    • 2018 APWA Western Snow & Ice Conference, Loveland, CO, USA 26.-28.9.2018
    • Meteorological Technology World Expo, Amsterdam, NL 9.-11.10.2018
  • Thank you for visiting us at MTWE Amsterdam Exhibition in 2017.